New York and Good Bye USA!

So… I’m writing this post from Girona. Why? Well, I did not find the time while in New York to write about it. I guess the lack of our “RV time” had something to do with it. But still, very fresh memories of our last two days in NYC; visiting Central Park, showing up at a Stand Up Comedy Show and wandering around Times Square. Altogether, the icing on the cake of a colossal US Trip!

IMG_6396Times Square, all pictures, right here!

Sunday was a busy day. Central Park was in our to do list and as you know, Central Park is not a little tiny green area. We got to the area by 11am and planned to buy a salad at a supermarket so that we could have lunch on the grass. But the supermarket happened no to sell any salads, so well, we had Pringles instead. Not the same, I know, but did the trick.

About the park. It’s huge, but we knew that. What I didn’t expect was to find a man sleeping with his pants down in one of the park’s public toilets. Also amazing the amount of people jogging, running or doing some sort of sport. Just incredible. We starred at all of them while eating our crunchy potato chips. 

From the park we went to have some pizza and just to top it off we enjoyed our second Johnny Rockets shake, our favourite shake in the States. Our few kilometers of walk were compensated by a (maybe) too high amount of fat. But happiness does not understand of calories so we enjoyed everything of our day.

We then headed to the city centre where we took a few pictures of the Flatiron building. That building of a triangular shape. And that was the preamble to our funniest night of our trip. We visited the “Comedy Cellar” for some amazing stand up comedy. Very cozy underground bar with amazing comedians making us laugh and forget about the outside world. A highly recommendable experience to do while in New York.

Our walk around Times Square was otherwise brief. Lots of light, heaps of people but, without Broadway tickets or feeling like a drink, not much to do. We did enjoy our stroll in the area, took a few pictures and headed back home for a well deserved sleep.

Our last day in the big apple was much more tranquil. We had a breakfast at a coffee shop in Brooklyn followed by a walk around Manhattan, stopping for a very long lunch in the 9/11 memorial area. After eating, we went for a final stroll around Battery Park, an area close to Downtown and next to the pier. From there we went back home with a stop at Grand Central Terminal for a few shots of lots of people going to catch a train.

We were at the airport more than two and a half hours before our flight was scheduled. Still, we nearly missed it. We got to our gate with 45 minutes of time, but we got our times messed up. We though that our departure time was our boarding time so we started watching an episode of Sons of Anarchy with our gate at our backs. Bad idea.

The episode finished and I turned my head around to realise that there was absolutely nobody behind us. I took my earphones off and heard the classic airport announcement: “This is the last call for Marc Fonoll and Chalita Jenratha“. We jumped out of our seats, grabbed all our stuff and literally ran to the gate, just a few meters away.

The faces of the airport staff were kinda “what the hell, they’ve been sitting here the whole time!!!“. They let us in. We fitted our luggage in the overhead compartments, sat down, laughed a bit about what happened and relaxed. Then Chalita said “aaaaah! Our phones are charging in the terminal!!!”.

So yes, when we left running, we forgot that our two phones were charging in the terminal. I ran like a maniac through the plane to get to the door and be told that there was no way I was getting out of that plane to go grab our phones. It was 23.22 and the departure time was 23.20, so we were already late because of us.

Don’t ask me how but after a lot of begging I got the crew to let me out of the plane to get our two beautiful devices. I am pretty sure I ran the 100 meters to the terminal in less than 9.58 seconds so I think I am entitled to a World Record, but whatever, the important thing is that we got out phones to travel with us back home, where we are now.

By the way, in case you were wondering, the final episode of season 3 of Sons of Anarchy was totally worth the stress.

Again, if you want to have a look at all pictures on Google Photos, follow the link!