New York, New York!

California is now just part of our memories. All of it… the warm weather, the quietness of our campervan and the take it easy peace. Now it’s New York. That’s been, up until now, cold weather, hectic city and rush! We can feel the difference. New York is what we’d imagined and more. The best: The amazing city atmosphere. The worst: The dirtiness of it, outside of Manhattan, it’s a pretty filthy city.

IMG_5772Our first Manhattan View. All pictures are on Google Photos.

We had our two last days in California kinda “days off” style. We did stuff, but the rhythm was not nearly as fast as it had been the earlier days. West coast was a marathon and the last few steps were a bit slower than the rest of the journey. Our flight to New York, great; really liked flying with Delta. 5h on the air that felt much shorter than that. Couple movies, lots of “free” food and snacks helped a lot.

Got to our Airbnb in Brooklyn and got a bit disappointed but we though “whatever”. Took a very (really very) long hot shower and went to bed. 8am we were up despite feeling like 5am California time. Google said that it will be the sunnier day of our stay in New York and we could not just waste that.

7 days Metro Card with us and started up from the Brooklyn Bridge Park, nice walk, sunny skies (yet cold) and not too many people. Crossed the bridge on foot and started exploring Manhattan. The 9/11 memorial gave me goosebumps. Seeing the names of all those who lost their life now 15 years ago (oh my God, 15 years!) was quite moving.

Went for lunch and walked to Chelsea to take a picture that I had wanted to take for probably 20 years or so. The facade of that building were the guys from Friends supposedly lived. Funny thing is that they never filmed in New York but whatever, I had to go there and take a picture of that building which is… just that, a building. It’s got a restaurant on the first floor (The Little Owl) and people living inside in the rest of them.

Then we had tickets to go to the “Top of the Rock“. That is, in other words, the top of the Rockefeller Building. Great views. A pity that what had been a sunny day until 5pm turned into a very cloudy day after that. Still, views were impressive. Also the amount of people that were in the building. It took us nearly 45 minutes to actually leave “The Rock”. 45 minutes waiting for an elevator. No wonder how they make 25 million dollars in profits every year.

We wanted to get something to eat so we went to the supermarket and got lost four times before we could actually get home. It’s funny because I actually have a very good sense of orientation. But not gonna lie, when I get out of a subway sometimes I get confused, specially if there is no sun and it’s cloudy so I can’t see the Pole star to guide me.

Today… well today it has rained the whole day. So we spent the morning at home, recovering from our yesterday’s 26km walk across New York and got some energy back before heading out under the rain to an ice-hockey game. I’d always wanted to see an NHL game live and the NY Islanders were playing home. Got a couple tickets for $6 each and enjoyed a pretty fun game against the neighbours of New Jersey. We topped up our evening with some amazing snack and went back home.


Fun fact of the day. Bought an umbrella at 6pm to protect us from the rain. The wind completely wrecked it 6 hours later. So, left home without umbrella, came back home without umbrella. Still, $5.12 out of pocket. What a disaster.

All pictures, as usual, in Google Photos. Nicer and with comments.